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About Airmaster

The Airmaster air treatment products are developed and manufactured by Swema Trading AB in Sweden

Swema Trading AB
Swema was founded in 1984 and has since developed into a company specialised in air treatment and products that promote a healthy indoor climate. Our product range includes air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and ozone generators. We market our air purifiers and ozone generators manufactured in Sweden under the trademark Airmaster.

Airmaster BlueLine
Highly efficient ozone generators for eliminating odours e.g. in residential spaces, hotel rooms, vehicles, boats etc. Odours caused by nicotine, pets, humidity and mould are eliminated quickly and effectively. The Airmaster ozone units are also often installed permanently in e.g. refuse rooms, to remove unpleasant odours and to ensure an overall better indoor climate for a more pleasant waste separation experience.

Airmaster BlueLineCombi
Our most sophisticated ozone generator series. Apart from just purifying the air, like the BlueLine series, they can also diffuse ozone by means of a hose connection. The hose connection enables air purification and grease reduction in ventilation ducts, flat pipework systems and ventilation systems, or water treatment in pools and water tanks.

Airmaster Nova
An efficient air purifier for home and office. This air purifier works with UV light and ionisation. The air is cleansed using a natural method and feels clean and fresh, like after a thunderstorm.

Airmaster Nova is very popular among allergy and asthma sufferers and COPD patients.

Retirement homes and care homes use Airmaster Nova to ensure a cleaner and fresher indoor climate with fewer odour problems. The improved climate benefits both the personnel and the patients or residents.

Swema Trading AB has its headquarters in Limhamn, about a ten-minute drive from the centre of Malmö. It is therefore near the continent and our partners in Europe. We are always interested in new business partners, importers and resellers for our Airmaster air treatment products.