Bad odours

The Airmaster BlueLine ozone generators eliminate unwanted odours quickly and efficiently. The odours are removed permanently, as long as the causes are eliminated. Here we provide information and advice with regard to successful odour elimination.

Ozone eliminates odours caused by e.g.
Nicotine – smoke – humidity – mould – pets – dogs – cats – rubbish – waste water – grease separators – grease – fire – water damage – corpses – decomposition

How to use the Airmaster ozone generator to combat bad odours

1. Preparation:

  • If the odours are caused by e.g. humidity, mould, leaking drains etc., then these causes should first be removed, i.e. leaking drains are to be repaired, sources of humidity sealed, and any material damaged by mould removed.
  • If odours are caused by smoking or pets, then the spaces affected should first of all be cleaned thoroughly (e.g. by vacuuming and wiping surfaces). Repainting might be required (in the case of contamination with smoke and nicotine odours).

2. Ozone treatment:
Place the ozone generator in the middle of the affected room (preferably on a slightly elevated surface such as a table). Switch on the ozone generator and set the timer to the required time (models with a timer).

3. Duration of treatment:
4-72 hours, depending on the intensity of the odour. The average treatment time is ca. 24 hours.

4. After the ozone treatment:
Switch off the ozone generator and open the windows. Let the remaining ozone escape (smells like chlorine). Check the room. If unwanted odours persist, repeat the procedure. All affected rooms must be treated separately.

During an ozone treatment you should not enter the area being treated, as ozone is harmful for the airways. Brief ozone exposure (e.g. in refuse rooms etc.) is not harmful. linkarrow Find out more in our ozone school

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