Refuse rooms


The Airmaster BlueLine ozone generarors reduces unwanted odours in refuse rooms effectively. Garbage odours, bacteria and microorganisms are broken down and eliminated, creating a better climate for carrying out refuse separation. The ozone unit replaces costly cooling with regard to refuse rooms in restaurants.

How to use the ozone generator for lasting odour elimination in a refuse space

The Airmaster ozone unit is mounted to the wall with a so-called “keyhole solution”. Place the ozone generator as high up as possible, for better ozone diffusion (ozone is heavier than air).

The ozone generator converts the oxygen into ozone, so it is not a problem to install it in a room with a ventilation valve. It is important, however, that any ventilation valves present are as far away as possible from the ozone unit, so that the ozone can be diffused optimally within the room.

Ozone concentration:
The amount of ozone needed is depending on the room size and what type of refuse is to be treated? The Airmaster BlueLine has a digital setting of ozone production (all except BL 100) and can therefor easily be set to a suitable ozone output. Under certain conditions (such as high temperatures in summer) more ozone is required.

We recommend our BlueLineCombi series (BLC), as the technology in these units is suitable for long-term usage even in harsh environments. These ozone units also offer the possibility to connect a hose.

linkarrow Find out more about the technology in our ozone school

Airmaster BLC 500-D is the model used the most frequently in refuse rooms / garbage rooms. It accomplishes the task with playful ease.

Installation of the hose connection (if required):
With the silicon hose and fitting as accessories, the unit can be installed for example in an adjacent room and can treat the refuse room with ozone through the hose. The unit can therefore be secured against theft, as well as ensure that the ozone unit is installed in clean and fresh air. The hose can also be used to connect the ozone generator directly to a waste press or rubbish container.

During an ozone treatment you should not enter the area being treated, as ozone is harmful for the airways. Brief ozone exposure (e.g. in refuse rooms etc.) is not harmful. linkarrow Find out more in our ozone school

Recommended products for Refuse rooms

  • Airmaster BLC 2000-D


    2000 mg/h | Exhaust air treatment in kitchens, water treatment in pools and whirlpools. Odour elimination after fire and water damages.

  • Airmaster BLC 500-D


    500 mg/h | Odour elimination in hotel rooms, vehicles, boats and refuse rooms. Exhaust air treatment in grease separators and refuse containers, as well as water treatment.