Air purification

The Airmaster Nova is an efficient air purifier for treating air, in residential spaces and office buildings. The air is treated with the help of UV light and ionisation.

The air purifier generates clean and healthy indoor air, free of pollen, dust and other particles that can irritate the respiratory systems. Unpleasant and disturbing odours, caused for example by nicotine, humidity, mould or pets, are reduced. Those with asthma and allergies, in particular, suffer when there is a poor indoor air climate. They feel significantly better in clean and fresh air, free from particles which could irritate the mucous membranes or the bronchial tubes.

In the home, air purifiers are mostly used in bedrooms, to ensure healthy sleep. Our body recovers at night. Our quality of sleep therefore influences our general well-being. Air purifiers are used in holiday cottages, cellars and laundry rooms to eliminate the smell of humidity, mould and musty air. Air purifiers provide good indoor air. Air purification at workplaces and in offices, ensure the general well-being of employees, in the interests of their alertness and health.

Airmaster Nova is an air purifier manufactured in Sweden that uses a natural method of air treatment. UV light breaks down bacteria, microorganisms and nicotine. It oxidises light gases such as ether and formaldehyde. The air is then ionised with positive and especially negative ions. The air is neutralised and the negative ions bind the harmful particles in the air at a size of 1/10,000 mm. The air is purified and feels just as fresh as after a thunderstorm.

Airmaster Nova is very popular among allergy and asthma sufferers and COPD patients. Retirement homes and care facilities use Nova to ensure clean and fresh indoor air for personnel and patients, with fewer odour problems and a better climate.

Setup and use:

  • The Airmaster Nova air purifier should be placed in an elevated position (e.g. on a bookshelf or mounted on the wall with a so-called “keyhole solution”.)
  • The air purifier should be operated 24 hours a day, for even and effective air purification.
  • Regular maintenance of the air purifier ensures a good indoor climate and a longer lifespan for the appliance.
  • Prefilters and UV lamps should be replaced every 6 months. The air purifier should also be cleaned.

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