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General terms and conditions

The Airmaster shop is part of Swema Airmaster Sweden AB, VAT- number: SE556235-573401.

1. Orders via the Internet
For orders via the Internet, the purchase is only binding if you have received a written confirmation by e-mail. In the case of potential queries, the Airmaster shop reserves the right to contact the customer by telephone or e-mail to clarify the order. The prices stated on the homepage are only valid for Internet orders.

2. Customer registration
To place an order, the customer enters their customer data. The customer is thereby confirming automatically that their data may be registered in our customer database. Airmaster-Shop.com guarantees that all customer data is treated confidentially and is not passed on or sold to third parties.

3. Prices
All the prices include VAT and exclude delivery costs. These prices are subject to printing errors and changes. We also reserve the right to declare an order invalid if it contains evident errors in the stated prices for products due to incorrect labelling.

4. Delivery and shipping
Standard delivery is within 5-7 days, as long as the products are in stock. Shipping is by Post Nord. If the delivery time of ordered goods is delayed, the customer is informed by e-mail or telephone.

Shipping costs:

Within Sweden
Free shipping 
for orders over € 100 incl. VAT
For order under € 100 incl. VAT, the shipping costs are € 5 incl. VAT.

Within the EU
Shipping costs € 15 incl. VAT, whatever the order value.

Europe outside of the EU
Shipping costs € 15 incl. VAT, whatever the order value.
Potential customs costs or other import charges are payable by the buyer.

Outside of Europe
Shipping costs € 50 incl. VAT, whatever the order value.
Potential customs costs or other import charges are payable by the buyer.

At least € 300 incl. VAT will be added in the case of incorrect address details or redirected shipping.

5. Payment
The STRIPE payment system enables easy, flexible and secure online purchases. By answering questions, you identify yourself and can then choose the preferred payment method.

An advantage of STRIPE is that we distinguish between purchase and payment. First you have to confirm your purchase and then select the preferred payment method. You can pay easily and conveniently by credit card. All payment methods are equally secure.

6. Non-binding purchase – return and exchange rights

Your purchase is non-binding with the right to return it within 14 days of the purchase date. The product must be returned unaltered with the original or comparable packaging.

Note! Please do not use duct tape or printed packaging tape for returns, as this can damage the packaging. Please use transparent packaging tape.

The right to a non-binding purchase does not apply to customer-specific products, services or other payable services.

7. Parcels that are not collected
If you do not collect your parcel, you are nevertheless liable for the delivery and return costs, as well as any additional processing fees of at least € 30 incl. VAT.

8. Right of cancellation
As a private person, you have the right – in accordance with the Distance Selling Law – to cancel your purchase within 14 calendar days and at least 7 working days from receipt of the goods. In order to exercise your right of cancellation, write an e-mail to info@airmaster-shop.com.

Return costs are charged according to the actual costs, a minimum of € 5 incl. VAT. Please note that the cost of returns can be different from the shipping costs indicated in our online shop.

9. Swedish consumer purchase law
According to Swedish consumer purchase law, private persons have the right to issue claims for three (3) years, regardless of the warranty period specified on the product. Claims must be made within an appropriate timeframe after indicating the fault. In the case of claims after the warranty period has expired, the buyer must prove that the fault was already present when the product was delivered.

10. Warranty
In accordance with consumer purchase law, Airmaster-shop.com (Swema Airmaster Sweden AB) provides a two-year warranty on all products. Always keep the invoice or warranty certificate, in order to validate any claims. The warranty covers functional faults that occur within the warranty period. It does not cover fault occurring due to incorrect use or resulting from unauthorised changes to the functions or appearance of the product. The warranty does not cover spare parts (such as ozone tubes, ceramic plates, UV lamps or filters). For any claims please contact us by e-mail at info@airmaster-shop.com.

In the case of a claim, please return the product in the original or comparable packaging.

11. Liability for faulty use and damages
Airmaster-shop.com is not liable for damage or faults that occur in connection with the faulty usage of our products. We are also not liable for direct or indirect damage, additional costs or maintenance work.

For consumers/private persons the Consumer Purchase Law applies. Airmaster-shop.com is not liable for damages or potential faults due to unauthorised changes to mechanical and/or electronic components.

12. Transport damage
Damaged goods must be notified to us and the supplier immediately. Upon delivery, the packaging is to be examined for potential damage. If such damages are present, these must be noted in writing on the delivery slip before it is signed. Concealed transport damage must be notified within three days of delivery.

13. Information
Printing errors, incorrect information and incorrect specifications for all the goods and services offered are excepted. All the picture material on our homepage only serves information purposes and Airmaster-shop-com does not guarantee that pictures reflect the exact appearance and condition of goods.

14. Disputes
In the case of disputes involving a private person as a buyer, the company policy is always to follow the recommendations of consumer protection. Disputes with companies are usually settled in court.

15. Force majeure
Force majeure events include wars, natural disasters, strikes, governmental decisions, missing supplies from sub-suppliers, price increases and comparable (unforeseen) events outside of our control. If Airmaster-shop.com cannot fulfil confirmed agreements and/or services due to the events listed above, then Airmaster-shop.com waives these obligations in full.

Return of the goods is at the expense and at the risk of the customer, in accordance with the Distance Selling Law. The product is to be returned in an unaltered condition and packaged according to our recommendations. The return must be within 30 days after the expiry of the two-week cancellation period.