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Wood´s Airmaster WOZ 100



Wood´s Airmaster WOZ 100


100 mg/h | Odour elimination for holiday cottages, hotel rooms, boats and cars. It can be connected to a vehicles cigarette lighter.

Wood´s Airmaster WOZ 100 is an odour elimination unit that is easy to transport, which gets rid of odours caused by nicotine, smoke, humidity, mould and pets quickly and effectively.

Wood´s Airmaster WOZ 100 is suitable for efficient odour elimination in cellars, summer houses, refuse rooms and other places where bad odours can emerge. Airmaster BL 100 is used for professional odour elimination in apartments, kitchens, hotel rooms, bathrooms, boats and vehicles.

Wood´s Airmaster WOZ 100 is operated with 12 volts and can therefore be used where 230 volts are not available. The unit can be connected conveniently to the cigarette lighter in a car or lorry with the extra accessory, a cigarette lighter cable.

  • Easy-to-handle and portable unit
  • Highly efficient conversion to ozone
  • Stainless steel
  • Wall mounting (keyhole solution)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Manufactured in Sweden

The ceramic plate that produces the ozone is a part subject to wear. We recommend replacing it at least once a year.

The prefilter that protects the ozone unit is to be replaced when required (every 6-12 months).


download-symbol Product data sheet Wood´s Airmaster WOZ 100
download-symbol Instruction manual Airmaster BL 100

Technical data

Ozone production (mg/hour): 100

Fan capacity (m³/hour): 40

Technology: ceramic plate

Measurements (L x W x H) (mm): 196 x 113 x 85

Weight (g): 790

Power: 7W/12V DC

Accessories: 100-240V network adaptor is included

Chassis: stainless steel, grey varnish

Hose connection: no

Extra accessory: cigarette lighter cable

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